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Dieser Abschnitt ist ein Teil unserer Unternehmenskultur Offenheit Philosophie.

Um eine engere Beziehung mit unseren Kunden und Partnern zu fördern, veröffentlichen wir regelmäßig % Site% Firmen Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen.

  Rating of advantages of hosting Server & Cloud

In this article we decided to cover all the advantages of Server & Cloud, analyzing the user activity of our customers.

1. Data protection at the legislative level

Publiziert am: 17. Juni 2018

  Ваш специальный бонус в июне до 32%

В 2018 году мы запустили ряд новых конфигураций выделенных серверов, увеличили пространство под популярные услуги, стали партнерами ведущих компаний среди IT-разработчиков. В связи с этим, в июне мы решили поделиться скидкой с новыми и постянными участниками наших облачных сервисов в размере 10%.

Publiziert am: 25. Mai 2018

  Technical upgrade for Magma S configuration

As one of our goals is to "Be ready to embrace technology of the future", we implement solutions that follow top trends in digital and cloud technology. As of now, we focus our efforts on developing configurations for highly intensive projects.

As you may know,

Publiziert am: 24. Mai 2018

  VPS hosting via reliable Server & Cloud platforms. 22% bonus available

Given that the VPS service has become more and more popular since the beginning of the year, we have dedicated more space for VPS to offer this service to a growing number of users. Get a 22% bonus when signing up for an extended VPS package. This is the best offer you can find in the European hosting market.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that allows users to use their own virtual dedicated server. Read more about how VPS works in the section "Virtual servers".

Publiziert am: 22. April 2018

  Server & Cloud is a platform for business in a safe IT environment

Server & Cloud is a serious player in the market of hosting providers. Our team has been creating conditions for convenient hosting for 7 years already, setting high requirements to its product.

Along with the essential features of a high level hosting that we described earlier, the role of information protection at the legislative level and the role of the organization network perimeter protection are growing.

Publiziert am: 13. April 2018

  New server configurations in the Storage product line

Server & Cloud are proud to release two server configurations as part of the most popular Storage servers product line. New configurations meet the requirements of AI projects as well as distributed computing.

Configurations are based on Supermicro SYS-6019P-WTR server platform. They also adopt advanced solutions from NVIDIA. Supermicro is a credible manufacturer of server equipment boasting an excellent reputation globally. Server & Cloud selects the best solutions for its products to ensure the high-quality hosting.


Publiziert am: 18. März 2018

  Server & Cloud Partnered up with Supermicro

We partnered up with Supermicro at the beginning of 2018. Supermicro is a credible manufacturer of server equipment boasting an excellent reputation globally. The partnership was preceded by an increase in sales performance.

As of now, 100% of our dedicated hosting servers are based on the Supermicro chassis. Why?

Publiziert am: 18. März 2018

  In The Center of Europe for the Best Hosting

Today, information technology is not just a component of business; IT is the heart of the business. According to Cloud Industry Forum, 78% of British companies are already using cloud services. Flexibility, scalability, and reliability – these are the qualities valued by most businessmen. These qualities help companies create and introduce new business models in the shortest period of time. The data center is the basis for the implementation of effective digital business solutions.

Publiziert am: 4. März 2018

  Hosting security is the guarantor of reputation

It is obvious that technologies play an increasingly important role in modern business. That is exactly why we want our clients to know more about the modern IT opportunities.
The increase in the proportion of digital technologies in modern business structure naturally leads to paying special attention to data storage security. Reliable and uninterrupted operation of the digital business systems is the guarantor of your company success.

Publiziert am: 24. Februar 2018

  Green technologies in hosting

The 21st century in the history of mankind will be marked by a progressive development of digital technologies. Mankind has migrated to the fifth technological setup only recently, but it already stands at the threshold of the sixth one. Alongside the development of IT sphere, they pay special attention to the greening of modern technologies all over the world.

There are some hosting companies today that have started using the renewable energy sources to support the work of their machines. Sun, wind and water energy are the most popular among the renewable sources of electrical energy.

“Green” hosting stands

Publiziert am: 9. Februar 2018

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