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Who has access to your IP:
Possibility of blocking:
Social media security threats:

Dedicated VPN

Who has access to your IP:
No one
Possibility of blocking:
Social media security threats:
Zero risks
Shared VPN
Who has access to your IP:
Unlimited number of users
Possibility of blocking:
Increasing risks for popular services
Social media security threats:
High potential for account compromise
Steps to launch our Dedicated IP VPN
You don't need any special abilities. Our team of experts has created a comprehensive VPN solution.
Order Dedicated VPN
Download the configuration file and client application
Enjoy a secure and censor-free internet connection
What exactly will you pay for?
Most people do not understand why they should pay more money for a dedicated VPN and what the difference is between it and free or low-cost VPN solutions.
Pros of Dedicated VPN
Security - A guarantee of a pure individual IP address
Zero statistics and logs (no data collection)
Personal individual server
Full control over the server*
Cons of Public VPN
Strong probability of blocking a public service
High likelihood of personal data leaks
Need to share the server and IP address with other users
Zero guarantees
Recomended VPN clients for most popular devices
Our dedicated VPN solution developed for a whole devices and OS types. We strongly recommend to use direct links below to download VPN clients - it guarante of your security.
Why do you need a VPN?
Reliable protection
Only if the encryption key is present is the transmitted data accessible.
Geolocation masking
The location data comes from the VPN server, not the device. It becomes impossible to pinpoint the location if it's in another country. Furthermore, the service may not even keep a log of user actions. As a result, no one will be able to access the history of his actions because it does not actually exist.
Access to regional content
When traveling abroad, you may lose the opportunity to watch content intended for your "native" region. For example, Russian online cinemas operate only in Russia. A secure connection “replaces” your location with the location of an intermediate server located in another country.
Secure data transfer
When working remotely, you may need access to sensitive corporate data. To reduce the likelihood of their leakage, use a connection with data encryption.