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CDN (Content Delivery Network)

In the era of globalization, it became possible to expand to customers all over the world; however, before current advances in Internet technology, this was much harder than one would think.

With all the responsibility sitting on your shoulders to ensure that the information is easily accessible to customers in every corner of the globe, this can sometimes be a nerve wrecking task. Limited bandwidth, latency and quality quickly depreciate once your Internet traffic picks up. Luckily, there is some good news for those struggling to keep up with the times in regards to Internet technology.

We are glad to offer you a new service - CDN (Content Delivery Network) - a reliable system of content distribution to end-users.

CDN in simple terms

CDN distributes data to servers deployed in multiple Data Centers around the globe. The mission of CDN is to deliver content to end users with high availability and in a timely manner. It is important to mention that the content formats supported by CDN include web and downloadable objects, apps, live streaming video and video on demand.

Placing the content of your choice on the CDN nodes, which are all over the world, you secure your position in the global IT market. Have a closer look at how it works. Upon request, the content is promptly directed to an end user from the server which is the most suitable in terms of the location, cost, and quality of performance. The latency problem is solved by caching static resources in distributed servers.

Global availability

Our CDN's nodes are strategically placed in 113 cities of 43 countries The best global coverage Going global is as easy as 123

Pay as you go

No restricting contracts No hidden feess No money wasted; pay for what you use

Quick launching

3 simple steps Takes less than 3 minutes Be up and running today

There are 172 Points of Presence in 113 cities across 43 countries available.



0.06 CHF per 1Gb
0.06 USD per 1Gb
0.06 EUR per 1Gb

North America

0.05 CHF per 1Gb
0.05 USD per 1Gb
0.05 EUR per 1Gb


0.19 CHF per 1Gb
0.20 USD per 1Gb
0.18 EUR per 1Gb

South America

0.07 CHF per 1Gb
0.07 USD per 1Gb
0.07 EUR per 1Gb
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Advantages of CDN

For those who are considering whether to implement this technology or not we are glad to provide the list of advantages of CDN:

CDN allows you to increase a number of simultaneous users.Choosing the right CDN nodes for placing your content may result in a significant offload of each server which leads to maximizing the bandwidth. As an example, one server with 100 GB/s bandwidth in the case of 10 users accessing the same information at the same time gets in fact only 10 GB/s bandwidth. Otherwise, 10 servers with 100 GB/s bandwidth are equal to 10x100 GB/s which means cost savings for bandwidth. To sum it up, thoughtfully arranged data in terms of geographic spots gives you a bigger audience at a lower cost. CDN provides you with excellent performance at higher speeds.CDN increases the speed of content delivery up to 4 times. An end-user wastes no more time waiting for a page to load or a file to download. As for example, a request from Milan doesn't need to go all the way to LA (in case if your resources are stored there) and back to Milan; with CDN it will automatically choose the nearest server.
Multiple Points of Presence serve for excellent performance of your content which will definitely be appreciated by your customers. There are no pauses in downloading video or audio content.
CDN guarantees you 100% global availability.CDN websites have proven to gain 100% availability even in the cases of massive power outage, hardware failure or other network issues. With the function of instant automatic redirection, CDN is capable of optimizing performance by choosing the closest server location, its highest availability or least amount of seconds away from the requesting spot. Even such natural disasters as earthquakes and hurricane which are able to paralyze some parts of global Internet will not prevent content getting to the audience thanks to file-mirroring technique. This is quite beneficial for higher ranking in the Internet. CDN provides statistics for your business.A CDN operator may provide you with real time load statistics upon your request. The possibility to indicate the most popular information, to track the most active regions and to watch load time of your content will bring your business to the next level. With this tool in your hands, your business will be a way ahead of competitors.
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