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A new generation of Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Data Storage
Load Balancing

Servers are Intel Xeon based and include hardware RAID.
All servers are connected via 10 Gigabit network.
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Select System Resource configuration

The minimal Cloud hosting plan is 1 Ghz CPU, 20 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM and 1 IP address. This amount of resources is required for creation of one virtual machine.

Cloud Hosting lets you arrange on-demand computing instances running enterpise-grade and open source operating systems in just a few minutes. Cloud Computing is the proven reliable and cost effective method to improve efficiency with no additional servers.

Select billing period
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Name CPU CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price per month (Price excl. VAT)
2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
1 2048 MB 20 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
88.00 CHF
95.92 USD
81.58 EUR
2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
1 4096 MB 60 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
160.00 CHF
174.40 USD
148.34 EUR
2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
2 4096 MB 100 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
199.00 CHF
216.91 USD
184.49 EUR
2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
4 8192 MB 160 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
361.00 CHF
393.49 USD
334.68 EUR
2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
8 14336 MB 320 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
661.00 CHF
720.49 USD
612.81 EUR

vps server hosting Already included:

 Whole disc snapshots
 Replicated DNS service
 Intuitive Cloud management panel
 24/7 support

Cloud Servers are the way to achieve Elastic Performance


Cloud Hosting lets you to arrange on-demand computing instances running enterpise-grade and open source operating systems in just a few minutes. Cloud Computing is the proven reliable and cost effective method to improve efficiency with no additional servers.

Ease of use

Virtual machines are ordered via Visualization platform which is provisioned with every Cloud. Server & Cloud supply virtual machines with neccessary scalability for client's software, while offering a possibility to choose between Windows, Linux and BSD operating systems.

Performance and Scalability

To provide an additional dimension of flexibility, our customer purchases system resources rather than an actual virtual machine configuration. This means that, within certain limitations, you may order any amount of virtual machines to be based on system resources purchased.

cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting hardware components

We use Intel © Xeon © processor technologies as platform core to construct balanced server architectures, which deliver the highest price/performance and value for your requirements.

10GE Arista © switches are being used for our Cloud Hosting network and an SAN Storage. With sub-500 nanosecond latency, the Arista is leading solution for financial trading and ultra low latency applications.

A10 Networks © hardware load-balance solutions are high-performance and high-availability appliances specifically engineered to deliver unprecedented acceleration, identification and visibility to network activities.

Coraid © Virtualized high-performance SAN Storage with no single point of failure redundancy. Designed for efficient performance and virtualization, being simple and scalable


Major Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Prompt Delivery
System Resources are provided within 5 minutes. Cloud Server build process is also instant!

Guaranteed Redundancy
All Cloud Nodes are backed by several physical servers and high-available data storage at the same time. Hardware failure, if unlikely happen, will not cause data loss or downtime, guaranteed.

Hybrid Environments
Dedicated network enables private and virtualized integrated solutions.

Good for budget
Pay only for the capacity you need and use.

Based on Intel © Xeon © Processors, 10G Network Connection and Clustered SAN Storage, your Cloud Server was designed to be amazingly fast!

Built-in DDoS Protection
Free DDoS Protection up to 10 Gbit/s is included with each Virtual Machine. Capable to defer almost all TCP and UDP based attacks with no effect on legit traffic.
  KVM over IP
Instant access to KVM over IP access to Cloud Nodes.

Easy Upgrades
Ability to initially start smaller and grow when needed.

Image Library
Choose the OS you need from Windows, Linux, FreeBSD distributions.

Control Panel and Self-Service
Every aspect of your Cloud Infrastructure is under your control. Create, modify, destroy or reinstall Cloud Nodes in just a few clicks.

Automated Recovery
Designed to automatically remaintain the Cloud Node in the event of the failure of the physical environment.
Stay with your Cloud anywhere. The applications enables you to do most of the important tasks while remaining mobile.

Prices for upgrades, software add-ons and additional services (per month):

CPU Hardware & Bandwidth & IP
1 Ghz vCPU cores 15.00 CHF   16.35 USD   13.91 EUR   per additional core 

Why go Cloud?
Full Server Control
Elastic Performance
Pay As You Go
Self-healing Storage
VMware Hypervisor
Console Access
Rapid Deployment
Multiple OS supported
64-bit architecture
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