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DDoS-attacks are serious threats to information security

Most of modern companies regularly face with enough serious external threats to information security. These threats can be triggered by both internal or the outer references. Primarily information systems are threaten by DDoS-attacks, distributed or remote attacks denial of service oriented.

DDoS-attack usually means is premeditated simultaneous deleterious effect on the computer system in order to stop providing any network service on it. DDoS-attack is implemented through a large number of computers. The primary purpose of DDoS-attacks is to stop the performance of Internet resources for various companies and organizations, extortion, and a cover for making illegal transactions and short-term paralysis of Internet systems.

Actually, there are multiple ways to organize DDoS-attacks:

  • The attack on the IP-address of the facility by sending a large number of packets User Datagram Protocol (UDP-flood), which is why the link is overfull, in consequence of traffic transmission of real users becomes impossible;

  • Sending to IP-address of the facility many requests Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP-flood), making the rate of incoming traffic to the attacked resource is exceeds standard rate of processing. As the ICMP protocol is the utility which performs the service functions, its misuse has become very popular way of DDoS-attacks among hackers;

  • The attack by sending packets Transmission Control Protocol (TCP-flood), which substantially expends system resources to process them;

  • Sending to the attacked object a large number of HTTP-requests, the so-called HTTP-flood.

    Effective DDoS-attacks on web and data centers always entail negative consequences - the loss of reputation, trust of partners and investors, strengthening of the positions competitors, reducing the customer base, which always means appreciable financial deprivations for the company. It is no secret that the DDoS-attacks are usually aimed at companies whose work is connected with electronic commerce and directly depends on Internet resources - such as the betting shops, banks, investment online projects, processing services, and content providers. Unfortunately, most website owners think about protection from DDoS-attacks only after having faced with this problem. It’s much more better to take care on the prevention of danger for the web resource beforehand, rather than hurriedly to get rid of its effects.

    The result of successful collaboration and integration - comprehensive technology solution for the detection and instant responding to any type of DDoS attack with guaranteed filtering effect and the resumption of the attacked resource or website.

    Learn more about DDoS Protection »
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