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Data Center Concept:

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Products and Services

Server & Cloud offers complete set of services to take your business online. All equipment is located in secure environment of Zurich data center. Below, there is detail information on main services we offer. We take a unique approach to each client. If you are looking for something you do not see here or require additional information, please contact us.

Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated servers are linked to our own network and to high quality bandwidth providers. We offer a wide range of premium dedicated servers designed to deliver optimal performance. All Dedicated servers are carefully tested to ensure quality.

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Dedicated Servers
15 TB Bandwidth Included
99.9% Uptime
1 gbit/s connection
IPMI console and DDoS Protection

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers are ideal to match your deployment requirements. Flexible configurations, balanced price and reliability provide a way to create your own controlled server infrastructure in just few minutes.

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Cloud based VPS
Easy to manage
Flexible configurations
Balance pricing
Multiple OS supported
10 gbit/s connection

Cloud Hosting, Storage and Load Balancing

Cloud Hosting is especially useful for high load solutions, as well as for solutions requiring redundancy and mobility. If your solution fits the description, cluster technology is your choice. Widely available clouds is a minor part of overall cluster computing. Server & Cloud will assist our customers to build own cluster solutions or take advantage of ready-made ones.

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Cloud solutions
Full Server Control
64-bit architecture
Multiple OS supported
Self-healing Storage
Console Access

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DDoS Protection and Data Security

Security of your web infrastructure is the key component of success. No web resource can survive while being unavailable for prolonged periods of time. The amount of web-based attacks and threats not only increase year-over-year, but they are getting increasingly sophisticated.

Server & Cloud utilizes Solar Communication's technology to defend our customers from DDoS attacks and provide safe data storage systems. Several years of proven track record, proprietary technology combined with scaling of cloud computing and experienced system administrators ensure that ALL attacks will be successfully mitigated.

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DDoS Protection
Instant setup
Against all types of attacks
No ISP change is required
Automatic detection


Locate your equipment within absolutely safe data center environment and take advantage of excellent facility. You may select the most appropriate bandwidth and space option. There is no need for your physical presence. Server & Cloud professional will install your equipment and provide remote hands service, if required.

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Dual-Power Source
Expedited setup
100% Network and Power Uptime
No presense required

Camfrog DDoS Protected hosting

Server & Cloud provides its Camfrog Room Hosting services with DDoS Protection and premium networking which allows users to concentrate on communication process instead of dealing with annoying lags or room disconnects. Server & Cloud developed unique multi-layered cluster engine to protect Camfrog Server against all kind of attacks up to 30 gbit/s.

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CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the best solution for those who would like to expand their business internationally. With the CDN nodes deployed all over the world, your web resource experiences 100 % availability no matter what issues occurred on the net. Moreover, you will benefit from an incredibly high delivery speed which brings your resource to the top of the search engines due to no latency.

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CDN (Content Delivery Network)
High speed delivery
100% global availability
Excellent performance
Support various formats

Free 7 day trial is available
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