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What is dedicated server?

Dedicated server - a service for dedicated server, you will be able to obtain the full access to the hardware and software requirements. Dedicated servers are placed on technical platforms for powerful data centers. You do not have to worry about the health of the equipment provided, it takes on the technical support and data center professionals. These servers are used for high requirements for running applications, high availability and security.

Unlike conventional shared hosting you have at your disposal a separate machine which can fully realize the power of technology for your application or Web site, and fine-tune hardware and software, that can not be done on a virtual server.

When using a dedicated server you can install any OS, any server control panel, produce any technical work place as many sites within the capacity of your server, in addition to the service, you will have access to KVM / IP, in order to have access to the BIOS and software remotely. You will be available to upgrade equipment. As you increase the load on your dedicated server, which is critical for growing sites.

Current conditions in the market place high demands on security and privacy, used in the work on the server, for some types of online business, this is a critical condition. By submitting your server to trusted sites in Switzerland, you can be sure that your data do not fall into the hands of third parties.

By purchasing a dedicated server you will get the right for you server configuration. The price includes round the clock support, 15 TB of free traffic which can be increased at any time, in case of problems with the data, you will be given back. Each dedicated server, you will get free protection from DDoS attacks to 10 Gb / s, such protection isolates malicious traffic and it will not affect the operation of your dedicated server.

Server & Cloud company offers services for dedicated server, with alignment of service to customers, you can get a reliable, safe and high-quality solution for the tasks of any complexity. Any questions about renting dedicated servers you can ask our experts addressing assistant to a Live Chat.
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