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Data Center Concept:

Enterprise-Class Equipment
State-of-Art Data Security
24.7 Proactive Support
High-Availability Ready
99.9% Uptime SLA
dedicated vps server windows vps servers
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Own Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the key to reliable IT business. Our team has created an outstanding proprietary platform where all equipment, network and software solutions are owned by Server & Cloud. This eliminates potential risks associated with leased equipment adding yet another safety layer to our network.

New powerful equipment by top suppliers

Only new, high end equipment, is capable to be the reliable foundation for the modern IT related business. This is the reason why our policy is to purchase the best equipment from well established manufacturers. Our customer may rest assured that the equipment obtained from us will deliver top performance now and will continue to do so for years to come.

Data Center location

Our Datacenter is located in Zurich, Switzerland. This is the location in geographic center of Western Europe, in direct proximity to top EU economies and millions of potential customer. In addition Switzerland's record of exceptional stability and position as a major technological and financial hub of Europe makes our Data Center location ideal to our clients.

Premium Multi Homed bandwidth, low latency, 1 gbit/s LAN ports

Server & Cloud ensure that our customers are using the most reliable and fast network. Premium Multi Homed Bandwidth guarantees necessary network redundancy at low latency. 1 gbit/s LAN ports are used at all servers for even better performance.

Future ready platform

In line with the Future Ready policy all company operations are designed for current, as well as for the future, security and equipment management customer demands.

Innovative security, management and administration policy reduces potential risks

Customer's peace of mind is our priority. Risk elimination via carefully designed and well defined procedures help our customer's avoid most potential problems altogether.

Dedicated KVM / IPMI included with each server

Convenient remote system management enabling monitoring and rapid problem resolution by a server administrator.

24/7 LiveChat/Helpdesk support by highly qualified professionals

We will address your questions or inquiries in a timely manner. No matter how complex your problem is, will be resolved it.

On-site VPN for secure administration of remote infrastructure

By enabling our customers to use this feature we ensure that your critical information can not be intercepted while in transmission.

UPS/Diesel backup power supply

The infrastructure will be online no matter how prolonged the electric power outage is.

Hardware Raid options available

RAID arrays provide increased storage functions and reliability through redundancy. Several options are available depending on the desired fault tolerance.

Free Backup Facility

Dependable backup system of crucial importance to IT business. Backup Facility is available to every client.

Free OS installation, no setup fees

Professional OS installation is the key to the optimal server performance. Our highly qualified technical staff will install a wide variety of operating systems free of charge.

Several discounts options available to our customers

Discounts vary depending on the order specifications, term and volume. Please feel free to ask whether the discount is available with your order.

Our Products and Services

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