Questa sezione rientra nella nostra filosofia della trasparenza. Per consolidare la relazione con i nostri clienti e partner, pubblichiamo aggiornamenti regolari su news ed eventi aziendali di Server & Cloud.
Happy Holidays, Best Wishes and Happy New Year
Dear customers and visitors, We wish you all the joy and happiness this Holiday Season. Our success is due to your support, unity and loyalty throughout the years. We thank you and wish you a prosperous New Year.
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December 21, 2012
Swiss quality of Collocation from Server & Cloud
Server & Cloud informs its clients about the availability of Collocation service meaning the possibility to place customers equipment to absolutely safe environment with the reliable connection to the Internet.
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September 28, 2012
Keep your web resources under control while remaining mobile!
From now Server & Cloud customers may feel free and still rest assured in complete control of their system resources. By using special applications for mobile devices, you can receive basic statistical data and exercise control over the main components of your Cloud, staying virtually in any part of the world.
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September 21, 2012
Server & Cloud introduces new DDoS Protection system of higher level
We are glad to inform our clients that in cooperation with our official partner, Swiss private company Solar Communications, we have developed infrastructure specifically designed to ensure security of your network and capable to efficiently recognize and defeat DDoS attacks and hacker actions. Solar Communications offers high-performance and cost-effective solutions for businesses in the field of Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Colocation.
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September 13, 2012
Save up to 6%
During the current year Server Cloud's sales have grown by impressive 61%. The overall customer base has increased by two digit figures as well. As a sign of
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March 13, 2012