February 7, 2023
2023 Web Hosting For eCommerce: 5 Tips To Choose The Right Service
2023 Web Hosting For eCommerce: 5 Tips To Choose The Right Service
Today's international trade trends have, in one way or another, caused each of us to think about launching our own online store. Contrary to the popular belief that making a simple website on Wordpress is enough for a successful e-commerce website, questions arise as to how to improve the effectiveness and security of this site as traffic begins to flow to it. Anyway it’s possible to negotiate certain factors, such as the hosting fee that exceeds your budget or the security add-ons that come with your hosting package. Some features, however, are non-negotiable and must be included. Therefore it makes no difference if we're talking about servicing a large eCommerce project or a small startup. In this article we tell you the top 5 main factors for choosing a hosting provider for your ecom website in 2023:
Security Guarantee On an e-commerce website, customers expect you to guarantee their personal and financial safety. As the site owner, it is your responsibility to protect them, as well as your business and reputation. To achieve this, ecommerce hosts must provide comprehensive security measures like SSL certificates, firewalls, malware detection, DDoS attack surveillance and more. Otherwise, these websites become a prime target for hackers looking to steal credit card information. Swiss hoster Server & Cloud chooses to use the service of TIER-1 bandwidth providers only. This means fast surfing for the end user no matter where he/she is located. Another extra advantage of your eCommerce website will be protection by the law. For example, the Server & Cloud platform is protected by Swiss law and supported by Swiss-quality technology, it allows a flawless way of maintaining an online business, no matter how complex it is.
24/7 Support Service No matter the quality of e-commerce hosting service you choose or how many tools and plugins you put in place, issues may occasionally arise. In these instances, it is essential to have quick access to your hosting company's customer support. Whether your website has slowed down due to a surge in visitors, or security has been breached, they should be able to provide 24/7 assistance so that you can get back up and running. Let's take Server & Cloud as an example. Hoster really goes out of its way to help its clients and offers a lot of simple services for fast communication: Live chat is one of customer’s favorite service options for quickly obtaining answers, and our 24/7 live operator support chat is always available to track progress; For non-urgent inquiries or issues, email offers a great way for customer care teams to resolve the matter without direct intervention. All queries can be addressed by sending a message to info@server-cloud.com; Lastly, if you prefer verbal exchanges, look for hosting companies that offer telephone assistance - though many only offer this as a premium service, Server & Cloud makes it available to everyone by calling +41 (0)79 4540481.
Payment Methods Your eCommerce hosting company must provide the option to include all available payment methods preferred by your intended customers. This is a key element of their purchase decision. It should be easy to incorporate debit and credit cards, UPI, cash on delivery, and bank transfers through your e-commerce hosting provider. In recent times, the request for the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies has multiplied. A true modern web hosting provider should offer the option of paying in the most popular cryptocurrencies in recent times. For example, Solar Communications now allows clients to pay with Visa,MC,PayPal,Swift, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, XRP, USDT, Solana, USDC, BNB, Litecoin, Near, Stellar, Tron, Dogecoin, Cardano.
Automatic Backups For e-commerce websites, backups are essential. The data and files of your e-commerce store are protected by automatic backups. The database might become corrupted quickly if you modify critical settings, resulting in serious losses. Getting everything back up and running may be impossible or extremely time-consuming if you do not have a current backup. For your website to be as secure as possible, your e-commerce hosting service must provide automatic backups.
Friendly Interface Hosting that is easy to understand or developer-friendly will appeal to those with technical knowledge or who are developers. Don't alter crucial files and cause the website to crash. By choosing a professional service Server&Cloud you get access to a personal cabinet, where all the settings are very simple and accessible, even if you have no special education. There is no need to do any coding - the company's specialists have already done everything for you and are ready to help you if you have any questions.