July 25, 2023
Boost Your Website: The Benefits of a Dedicated IP VPN
Boost Your Website: The Benefits of a Dedicated IP VPN
Did you know that over 90,000 websites are hacked every day, indicating the constant threat posed by cybercriminals? Furthermore, with approximately 5 billion internet users worldwide, businesses must prioritize their online security and privacy when connecting to the internet. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an effective way to protect sensitive data and maintain a secure connection. Within the VPN network, a dedicated IP address serves as a unique identifier for the user or organization. It is unique to a single user and remains constant whenever they connect to the VPN. In this article, we will discuss how a dedicated IP on a VPN benefits businesses and why Server & Cloud Dedicated IP VPN service is the best protection you can get.
What is a Dedicated IP Address? IP addresses are numerical identifiers for all network-connected devices. These addresses allow devices to connect and exchange data in the same way that phone numbers allow people in a city to communicate with one another. Consider a large city with many residents and businesses. A phone number is assigned to each person or business. When making a phone call, the caller dials a specific phone number to reach the intended recipient. Following that there are dedicated phone numbers, which are not shared but are specific to one person's identity. A mobile number, for example, is assigned to a single person. Similarly, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) assign a numerical identifier to each device that connects to their network known as the IP address of that device. It could be a shared or dedicated IP address. IP addresses allow devices to communicate over the internet in the same way that phone numbers do. Most cases, ISPs assign dynamic IP addresses to devices that connect to the network. Dynamic IP addresses are drawn from a pool of available addresses and are subject to change each time a user connects to the network. Through IP VPN, this is not the case. IP VPN provides a dedicated IP address, which is a unique numerical identifier assigned to a specific user. It remains constant and is not shared with other users. Users can request an additional dedicated IP address from their ISP for a fee. This is especially useful for specific applications, services, or security needs.
What is a Virtual Private Network or VPN? A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that allows an encrypted and secure connection to be established between the Internet and a user's device. It functions as a virtual tunnel, encrypting data traffic and routing it through remote servers in various geographical locations. When a user connects to a VPN, their data is encrypted and transmitted securely through the VPN server. This assists in preventing sensitive data from being intercepted or accessed by unauthorized entities such as hackers, government surveillance, or malicious actors. VPNs are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in situations where specific networks, services, or systems necessitate "whitelisting" or IP-based authentication. A Forbes Advisor survey found that half of respondents used VPNs for work. When it comes to streaming services, 46% use a VPN, 42% use a VPN for security on public Wi-Fi, and 26% use a VPN to access region-locked entertainment. Dedicated IPs are typically more expensive than shared IPs. Some of the best VPN providers provide dedicated IP services as an add-on feature, which requires users to upgrade their VPN subscriptions or pay an additional fee. In the following section, we will look at some of the advantages of using a dedicated or static IP VPN.
Benefits of Using Dedicated VPN A dedicated IP address gives VPN users an exclusive and consistent IP address for specific use cases, allowing for increased accessibility, trustworthiness, and uninterrupted connectivity with specific online services or networks. Let us go over why businesses need a dedicated IP VPN and how it can help them: Internet Security A dedicated IP VPN provides you with a permanent IP address when connecting from any device. It is ideal for performing high-security online activities such as online banking or remotely accessing highly sensitive or regulated data. Employees can connect to the company's VPN server, establishing a secure connection that allows them to access resources, files, and systems as if they were in the office. Using a dedicated IP address reduces the risk of being blocked by websites or experiencing security issues associated with shared IPs, as well as preventing users from being presented with too many captchas for security. Having a secure dedicated IP address minimizes the risk of being blocked by websites or experiencing security issues associated with shared IPs, as well as preventing users from being presented with too many captchas for security. A dedicated IP VPN is especially important when accessing sensitive or business data via public Wi-Fi networks. It allows you to gain private internet access while on a public network. Increased IP Reputation Plenty of websites and services employ security measures that treat connections from shared IP addresses with suspicion, whereas connections from dedicated IP addresses may be more trusted and reliable. Dedicated IP addresses have a better reputation than shared IP addresses. This is due to the fact that if one of the devices sharing the IP engages in activities that harm the IP's reputation, such as spamming or malicious behavior, all users sharing that IP suffer reputational harm. They may face blocking by specific websites or servers, access restrictions, and denial of service. You can maintain a clean IP reputation by using a dedicated IP option, which is critical for tasks such as email delivery, online transactions, and building trust with customers. Lower Downtime Dedicated IP VPNs outperform shared IP VPNs in terms of uptime and reliability. If one of the devices sharing the IP address engages in malicious activity, the shared IP address may be blacklisted or experience service interruptions. Because dedicated IP addresses are assigned to a single user, they are less susceptible to congestion or performance issues caused by the actions of other users. This dedicated resource allocation ensures a more stable and consistent connection, which improves the user's uptime and reliability. A dedicated IP VPN connection ensures that your company's operations run smoothly and that it has a consistent online presence. This is especially useful for mission-critical services such as web hosting, e-commerce platforms, and online applications that require consistent availability.
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