March 1, 2021
Eco-friendly dedicated servers and hosting in Switzerland
S&C has been a “green” hosting for many years. Over the past year our energy usage has been 100% wind generated. We go lengths to optimize the operations of our data center, reducing energy consumption. We truly believe that such actions play a substantial role in reducing CO2 emissions. In the third millennium, thanks to the widespread introduction of IT technologies and the expansion of the Internet, mankind has entered a rapid development phase. Digital technologies and equipment providing new opportunities in the field of natural sciences. The main features of the sixth technological setup, which started in 2010, are the development of bio and nanotechnologies, production and consumption individualization, smart technologies, and also the reduction of energy intensity and material intensity of production. We have fully adapted the eco-friendly policy, by optimizing our data center operations with ecology in mind. On the one hand we have switched to using renewable energy sources and on the other hand we have reduced unnecessary unclaimed costs of electricity. Cloud technologies are essentially a manifestation of ecology and retrenchment. The notion of sharing space and resources is a modern trend. Using the common resource base for individual needs you will g