About Server and Cloud

Server & Cloud's philosophy is continuous improvement. Our team and our partners works hard to develop new solutions to exceed the most demanding customer needs.
Located in Zurich, Switzerland, Server & Cloud provides a wide range of products and services including Dedicated Servers, VPS, Cloud Hosting, DDoS Protection and Colocation. Our company is a privately owned, customer oriented hosting company with highly skilled employees at every level of organizational structure.
High-end hardware
High-end hardware, enterprise-class solutions, multiple redundant connections and proven bandwidth providers enable us to achieve uptime that, in fact, exceeds 99.9% while guaranteeing minimal latency and impressive connection speeds all over the web. We take our customer's web based infrastructure to a new level.
New powerful equipment by top suppliers
Only new, high end equipment, is capable to be the reliable foundation for the modern IT related business. This is the reason why our policy is to purchase the best equipment from well established manufacturers. Our customer may rest assured that the equipment obtained from us will deliver top performance now and will continue to do so for years to come.
Own Infrastructure
Infrastructure is the key to reliable IT business. Our team has created an outstanding proprietary platform where all equipment, network and software solutions are owned by Server & Cloud. This eliminates potential risks associated with leased equipment adding yet another safety layer to our network.
Low latency 1 gbit/s LAN ports
Server & Cloud ensure that our customers are using the most reliable and fast network. Premium Multi Homed Bandwidth guarantees necessary network redundancy at low latency. 1 gbit/s LAN ports are used at all servers for even better performance.
Data Center address
Sägereistrasse 35, CH-8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland