Business Safety Guarantee

We Always Keep Our Promises. This is our corporate policy and we believe that this is the key to success in today's market.
While online security is our specialty, we guarantee that your web resource will be protected in every way possible. Server & Cloud network is designed to guarantee uptime in excess of 99.9%. In case of a web based attack DDoS protection may be enabled at any time. We go lengths to make sure that your online business functions uninterrupted.
The principles of our work
Customer Service Is Our Priority. We guarantee that all your questions, concerns and enquiries will be addressed in a timely, professional manner. Obviously this includes timely resolution of technical problems. Our customers can count on excellent customer service.
We guarantee full compliance with your order. This means that the equipment provided will be fully in line with your order and of highest possible quality.
The principles of our work
Your equipment is absolutely safe at our data center. Access is strictly controlled by experienced security staff. The data center is equipped with 24/7 surveillance. All equipment is connected dual power network and UPS backed by diesel generator.
Server & Cloud complies with all applicable laws and regulations of Switzerland. This includes privacy and data protection laws. Your data and privacy is safe with us.