Products and Services

Server & Cloud offers complete set of services to take your business online. All equipment is located in secure environment of Zurich data center. Below, there is detail information on main services we offer. We take a unique approach to each client. If you are looking for something you do not see here or require additional information, please contact us.
Dedicated Servers
Managed dedicated servers are connected to our own network and reliable bandwidth providers.
From 96.72000000000001 CHF
Virtual Private Servers
To fulfill your deployment requirements, use Virtual Private Servers. User-oriented setup and moderate cost.
From 9.360000000000001 CHF
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting will be of the best use for high-load solutions and those demanding backup and flexibility.
From 99 CHF
DDoS Protection
The main aspect of progress is the reliability of the web infrastructure you have. Without constant availability, no web resource can exist for long.
From 170 CHF
Choose only secure data center environment for hosting your equipment and benefit from an excellent facility. The most suitable bandwidth and space options are available for selection.
From 160 CHF
If you are planning international expansion of your business, CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the best option for this process.
From 10 CHF
VPS-based Apps
Don’t waste time installing and setting up the Apps you need. Try our new service of preinstalled applications on the basis of reliable and fast VPS. Our VPSs are secure virtual machines hosted on physical servers in the cloud.
Object Storage
A feature-rich web service aimed at saving and sharing any volume of information whenever required. Successfully tested for compatibility with Amazon Web Services S3 API.
From 10 CHF