There is a number of guidelines/requirements that we use while planning, developing and implementing infrastructure necessary to create state-of-the-art services in our data center.
Here are some of those guidelines/requirements:
24/7 monitoring to detect network attacks. Ability to defend all network from such attacks.
Close cooperation with several Premium Upstream providers to achieve redundant Multi- Homed network.
IPMI / KVM included with each Dedicated Server and Virtual Machine for BIOS-level control
Redundant hardware, including SAN Storage, Network Switches, Routers and Hypervisors
Solutions designed to meet customer Load Balancing and High-Availability needs
All equipment is connected to the network core.
Thorough testing of software solutions being developed
1 gbit/s Copper and 10gbit/s optical connections for all our network and all customer equipment
Carrier Grade equipment
Cloud Hosting hardware components
SolidFire high-perfomance SSD storage and backup solution with no single point of failure redundancy. Designed for efficient performance and virtualization, being simple and scalable
Juniper is a well-known leader of hardware and software networking solutions. Juniper equipment in our Data Center provides reliable and extremely rapid data exchange rate with up to 400 GbE network interfaces.
Supermicro servers are the core of our data facility. We offer high quality thoroughly tested hardware configured for any most demanding tasks. Remote control availability is 24/7 via IPMI devices for each server. 1 gbit/s and 10 gbit/s dedicated network connections.
We use Intel © Xeon © processor technologies as platform core to construct balanced server architectures, which deliver the highest price/performance.