Future Ready

Technology is constantly evolving. This evolution will require additional hardware and bandwidth resources. You may realize that your web resource has outgrown the hardware it is operating on. We are keen to foresee the future by providing you the tools to rise performance today.
We offer additional options and packages for easy scaling of performance:
  • 10 gbit/s copper/fiber network connection options
  • Hardware Load Balancing and High-Availability options
  • DDoS Protection option, all types of attacks up to 10 gbit/s (free) or 400 gbit/s (extended).
  • RAID disk-array options for fast and safe storage with every dedicated server
  • High-Available Cloud Hosting for any specific requirements
  • Solid-state drives of unbelievable I/O speed for your infrastructure storage needs
Future ready platform
According to the Future Ready policy, all company operations cater to ongoing, forthcoming, safety, and equipment management user requirements.
Brand-new security
Our clients do not encounter difficulties since all risks are eliminated will the implementation of well-thought-out and properly developed operations.
Dedicated KVM / IPMI
A server administrator can monitor and quickly solve any issue thanks to useful remote system management.
Round-the-clock Live Chat
You will never have to wait long for the resolution of your request or inquiry. Our support team is experienced enough to solve the problem of any difficulty and type.
Built-in VPN
Our customers can be 100% sure that no sensitive data will be intercepted during transmission since they have free access to a convenient VPN on-site.
UPS/Diesel backup power supply
Electric power outage, no matter the time it takes, will not force infrastructure to go offline.
Availability of Hardware Raid options
Storage functions are expanded thanks to RAID arrays. Whatever the desired fault tolerance is, a few options are available.
Free Backup Facility
Every customer can benefit from the Dependable backup system, which is extremely essential in the IT business.
OS installation at no cost
A server can perform well only with a properly installed OS. All operating systems are installed by our specialists for free.
Several discounts options
Depending on the order peculiar features, term, and scale, the discount may be different or unavailable at all. Contact our support reps to clarify the details.