February 11, 2015
January events
We have a number of important events in January to share with you. 1) The main event of the month - conclusion of contract with Interxion data center in Zurich, Glattbrugg, Switzerland. Interxion is a modern, high-tech, and secure data center. Advantages of the new data center: • reserved 2N UPS; • backup generators providing for 120 hours of operation at full power; • modern air conditioning and climate control; • reliable fire protection due to fireproof walls; • automatic gaseous fire suppression system; • the data center building has 5 stages of physical security. Some of our clients were already transferred to the new data center (we apologize for temporary inconveniencies). In the future, it will improve the quality of our service, as well as increase the uptime of servers, VPS, installed equipment, and cloud servers. 2) Due to this move we purchased: • latest network equipment by Juniper; • backup network equipment; • new colocation racks (to host your equipment), so we can now serve more customers. 3) In January we replaced cloud storage disks with more reliable and faster ones. We updated cloud storage equipment, increased the number of hypervisors, as well as completely updated drivers and software. All this greatly contributed to higher speed and better quality of VPS and cloud solutions. 4) At the end of January we decreased our price tags on all dedicated servers by 20%.