February 5, 2016
A new type of VPS virtualization (VMware ESXi Hypervisor)
While businesses get more and more virtual, demand for new server capacities and solutions is constantly growing. Virtual servers allow solving significant tasks which do not require all the advantages of the physical dedicated servers. VPS is an independent server, and its performance does not depend on the workload of other clients, as in the virtual hosting. With VPS you get your own user friendly server which capacity can be increased instantly for an affordable price. Paying attention to the comfort of our clients, Server&Cloud regularly updates hardware and develops optimal services and products. In 2016 we switched to a new type of VPS virtualization – VMWare ESXi, considered best by professionals due to its technical capacities. It provides greater reliance, performance and virtualization. A VPS package with ESXi hypervisor includes: - Instant access to the server; - 10 Gbit network connection; - Free back-up fund with the clustered data storage system SAN; - Free basic DDoS protection up to 10 Gbit/s which can be upgraded for a fee; - Intuitive control panel; - Full virtualization; - Template and image library; - Free 7-day trial. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right solution 24/7.