April 15, 2016
A new line of configurations based on Supermicro server platforms
#Server&Cloud switches to a dedicated server hosting on Supermicro platform. Supermicro is a world leader in server technologies at the moment. The servers of Supermicro offer high performance, reliability and quality. A new line of configurations based on the #E3-1245 v5 Intel® Xeon® Processor will be offered soon. It will include high performance processors of the latest generation. You can estimate all their characteristics here. Server&Cloud team has chosen the processors with progressive type of DDR4 memory and a large volume of memory (32 Gb) which significantly exceeds the previous memory generations in its main indicators. The new configurations allow choosing a server hosting with different types of hard drives: HDD and SDD. Server & Cloud is preparing new high-performance server solutions. During the next 2 weeks the information on new configurations will be available in the "News" and "#DedicatedServers" sections.