April 17, 2016
Collocation racks on favorable terms
Not all the companies can afford an option of having their own servers, maintaining them and ensuring adequate technical conditions for their continuous operation. That is why Server&Cloud offers this option on its territory. We have allocated more space for Collocation service and set new racks. Our engineers will install and connect your equipment in the racks for free. Your presence during the process of installation is not required. High speed internet included in the package of accommodation services makes them cost-effective. Server&Cloud ensures uninterrupted operation in case of a power outage by autonomous diesel power plants. Round the clock maintenance of the optimal conditioning regimen keeps your equipment in excellent condition. Server&Cloud ensures high safety of your equipment while providing the #Collocation service. The company is responsible for its safekeeping. We offer additional technical support services that allow our customers to save their costs of maintaining a staff of IT-specialists. It is possible to increase the power supply of the installed equipment. We have adjusted the value of Collocation services in favor of our customers for their best solution. Select the optimal configuration and package of #Collocation services together with our consultants in a LiveChat.