January 16, 2017
The number Server & Cloud clients has grown several times in 2016.
Past year results were summarized by Server & Cloud team. Dedicated server remains the most popular service among Server & Cloud customers, thus we are continually upgrading and improving our server configurations. Don't forget about our last novelties of classic server configurations, such as Gamma SE, Gamma HD, Gamma X (hot), Next, just like Magma 2X, Magma 2S, Gamma RSN и Gamma SX in the range of game servers. Interest in long term period of hosting had increased considerably after granting 22% year discount. In the section "Dedicated servers" you can calculate your personal discount according to the hosting period. Growing number of companies prefer storing their harware equipment in our Data Center as well. We want to thank you for staying with us and remind you that all our products and services are founded on the latest resources, which ensures high quality and efficiency, safety and security, and good standards. In the year 2017 Server & Cloud keeps on making fascinating and profitable solutions for your web projects. Please, stay tuned and check the news.