June 13, 2017
Cloud hosting
We keep hearing about concepts like virtualization and virtualization. But what those concepts are, exactly? Virtualization allows you to evenly distribute resources between virtual machines, that is, one "physical" computer runs as several virtual computers. This technology is gaining popularity among different business segments. This is explained by the fact that virtualization makes it possible to build a flexible IT system in your organization. VMware offers solutions that will allow you to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. VMware virtualization technologies are dynamic, flexible and balanced. We are launching a brand new and updated product. We present you Cloud Hosting based on VMware. Cloud Hosting offers you: - Highest, reliable, proven level of work and functioning; - Virtual computer system, which provides the operation of several operating systems, as well as and various applications; - Automation of a large number of basic processes (integrated automation of resource provision); - Guarantee of operation of IT-resources under any load (continuous operation); - Advanced user capabilities for accounting and control (a wide range of devices for users); - Server load balancing; - Optimization of expenses (reduction of current costs); - The organization of an isolated private network (independence from equipment, the ability to use a subnet); - Convenient and simple access to resources (self-service, transfer); - High productivity and fast work, timely technical support; - Instant and reliable way of copying and restoring data (protection and storage of information); With cloud servers, you can solve more business tasks, reduce IT related costs, as well as lower the cost of maintenance of various systems and equipment and energy consumption by automating the system of virtual machines. You get increased server efficiency, and you can test software products. Uninterrupted operation of the enterprise, maintenance without downtime. The constant need for new information technologies is growing, and virtual IT-environment provides new business opportunities. Do not hesitate, take advantage of the cloud server advantages - plunge into the world of cloud technologies! For more information, please contact us.