July 20, 2017
Payment options: DASH and Ethereum
For your convenience, we added two more cryptocurrencies to your payment options: DASH and Ethereum. Here is some more information about new payment options. By paying in cryptocurrency, you are saving time, since you do not need to fill out extra bank payment documents and account statements. What is DASH? - DASH is built on a number of its own developments. - Allows for instant confirmation of transactions via web. - Completely anonymous – all of the data about the user is absent. - Absolute protection from copying and forgery. - The popularity of cryptocurrency DASH continuously gaining momentum, safe and convenient with minimal fees and is also included in the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies in capitalization. What is so unique about Ethereum? - Provides transparent services for various transactions. - Users have the ability to create their own currency. - Includes high level of protection. - Second in cryptocurrency rating in capitalization. - Rapidly evolving platform, authorization of users occurs through cryptographic signatures. Digital currencies are gaining popularity, modern businesses welcome payments in cryptocurrency, it is a common way of online payment. Security and confidentiality of all types of transactions by user – is above all. The owners of electronic wallets have complete anonymity. Access to funds is available at any time, there are no bindings to a bank or accounts, include unlimited network capabilities. Directs payments without a middle man. Minimal or no fees at all. Convenient and simple replacement of «actual» money. Instant transfer of financial payments. Decentralized accounting of digital currency's availability. Reliable and secure when storing access keys to your tools and personal data. Broad opportunities when using financial services. Only the user controls his own funds, there is no possibility of withdrawing the transaction. Openness and simplicity during all settlement operations. Limitless possibilities of your electronic wallet. Money has been part of our daily lives for a long time, and of course, the internet as well. Digital money for today is the real currency of the future. The future of crypto-currency, as an independent payment unit, is already happening. The rapid development of the market of crypto-currency is only going forward. Keep up with the times, use a convenient, simple and modern way of payment.