December 17, 2017
Digital transformation and business evolution. Who survives?
It’s been 20 years since the cloud technologies, big data and augmented reality were first mentioned in the world. Nowadays there’s already a possibility to see businesses created with the help of the new digital technologies. The changes occur so quickly that we do not realize how we became part of the digital business. There’s more and more of digital technology coming to our life, which is already an element of the Internet of things. Without even realizing it, during the operation process, a man becomes the provider of information that helps manufacturers improve their product. Projects with the potential to transform the world are being created within the industries. The digitalization would affect them all: from extractive and production sectors to finance services, education and medicine. The growth of business digitalization becomes the main factor for success. Leadership is all about being capable of seeing new opportunities, generating new services or transforming the existing ones, creating new markets. Until quite recently noone could have predicted that even home-based enterpreneurs would have payment processing capabilities. We can expect that the same thing will happen with cloud technologies. A lot of IT-experts, security services and executives have a rather cautious attitude towards them. But we are entering an age where your own server and your own data center will no longer be the only accurate information database. That’s once happened when cash stopped being effective as a means of doing business. In the coming years, successful organizations will enhance their mobility, efficiency, remotability, and minimize office space, assigning complex problems to remote machines. Business is transforming. Business is evolving. Those who adapt faster tend to survive. Server&Cloud offers to enhance the mobility of your business, protect data and provide uninterrupted operation of your info systems. We believe that the most optimal way to experience all the benefits of our services during the transition to cloud solutions is testing of virtual private servers (VPS). VPS is a standalone server, whose speed and operational quality do not depend on the traffic of other “next door” clients. We have developed a server management platform, which even a rookie user can handle. VPS is an excellent choice for those who need standard benefits of a Dedicated Server without any extra costs. No installation fee. You do not have to sign a contract. You can expand your requirements without complex procedures at any time. We offer you to try your VPS in just 5 minutes after your payment! Our consultants will help you choose the optimal tariff plan and discount program