January 2, 2018
Ready for the future
The Server & Cloud Company is actively working on improvement of our services quality on a daily basis. It is our firm belief that the serious players in the market of cloud services should have the following distinctive features: 1. Owning their own data center; 2. Providing a wide variety of products and services; 3. Regular configuration line updates, based on the advanced equipment of the trailblazing manufacturing companies; 4. 24/7 service; 5. A wide range of payment options. Our clients know that the Server & Cloud Company is properly complying with these requirements. At the same time, not everybody knows, that Server&Cloud has taken care of the hosting payment methods expansion. Holders of cryptocurrency are able to pay for our services now. We belong to those few companies that accept payments in several types of cryptocurrency: BITCOIN, NXTCOIN, LITECOIN, DASH and ETHEREUM. Choose the best solutions for your business with Server & Cloud