January 31, 2018
Configurations for reducing expenditures
According to the IDG Enterprise Data & Analytics Survey, international research conducted in 2016, the volume of data in the businesses of various scales is doubling every 1.2 years. The owners of large businesses are convinced that under the conditions of rapid changes, only the companies that invest in the opportunities for business development, including artificial intellect and machine learning, digital technologies, cloud computations, blockchain technology, and fintech solutions will be able to survive. 80.7% of the companies that realized a number of initiatives for improvement of business efficiency consider these investments to be successfully generated. The line of cloud products from Server & Cloud were developed with due regard to the constantly changing requirements of the contemporary business. We offer a wide range of configurations composed for optimal utilization of our products. The possibility to exercise the flexible choice of configurations of the processor as well as the memory of dedicated servers allows saving up to 50% compared to the machines of the fixed type offered by other companies. Around-the-clock support is offered along with the configuration of your choosing, 15 TB of free traffic that could be increased at any time, and a dedicated server. Each dedicated server comes with free DDoS protection of up to 10 Gb/s – such protection isolates the malicious traffic without exerting the negative effect on the search requests from real users. Companies that work with large databases find the dedicated server hosting from the Storage family to be the most comfortable. Server & Cloud works on releasing the add-on for the Storage family in the near future. Our consultants work 24/7