February 9, 2018
Green technologies in hosting
The 21st century in the history of mankind will be marked by a progressive development of digital technologies. Mankind has migrated to the fifth technological setup only recently, but it already stands at the threshold of the sixth one. Alongside the development of IT sphere, they pay special attention to the greening of modern technologies all over the world. There are some hosting companies today that have started using the renewable energy sources to support the work of their machines. Sun, wind and water energy are the most popular among the renewable sources of electrical energy. “Green” hosting stands for those hosting companies that take care of the environment. They study the possibilities to save the energy, using non-waste technologies for energy use, and also the renewable energy sources. The majority of green hostings have migrated to such resources only partially, but this is only a matter of the near future. Some companies use rainwater for air conditioning in data center premises, others paint their walls white to reduce the costs of cooling the premises, and the third just plant trees. Such an approach to the organization of hosting services allows reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. Server & Cloud always takes modern trends into account and ensures eco-friendly reputation. The percentage of renewable energy sources in Server&Cloud, which is based on the wind energy, exceeds 90%. Moving your informational resources to our machines and freeing yourself from the availability of office data centers, you reduce the number of staff members who need to get to the office every day, thus increasing the amount of CO2 released into the environment. Make your business green with us.