February 24, 2018
Hosting security is the guarantor of reputation
It is obvious that technologies play an increasingly important role in modern business. That is exactly why we want our clients to know more about the modern IT opportunities. The increase in the proportion of digital technologies in modern business structure naturally leads to paying special attention to data storage security. Reliable and uninterrupted operation of the digital business systems is the guarantor of your company success. DDoS attacks can greatly influence stable functioning of IT-systems, resource and websites. A malfunction may negatively affect your online business or project, causing direct and indirect financial losses, loss of reputation among your users and clients. For many years we have been providing a complex technological solution to detect and immediately respond to any kind of DDoS attack with the guaranteed filtering effect and relaunch of an attacked website or resource. Realizing the importance of IT resources protection, we have included DDoS protection up to 10 Gb/s in every tariff package of service “Dedicated server” for free. We do not stop supporting your resources during active attacks, and your users will not be blocked by mistake. DDoS protection service from Server & Cloud mitigates attacks with 99,9% guarantee. We provide statistics about the attacks on your resource, for your company could assess the intensity of the attacks, and also the risk. If necessary, you can increase the level of protection according to previously developed tariff plans of Server & Cloud. To avoid reputational and legal issues, you have to make online security one of your key priorities.