March 4, 2018
In The Center of Europe for the Best Hosting
Today, information technology is not just a component of business; IT is the heart of the business. According to Cloud Industry Forum, 78% of British companies are already using cloud services. Flexibility, scalability, and reliability – these are the qualities valued by most businessmen. These qualities help companies create and introduce new business models in the shortest period of time. The data center is the basis for the implementation of effective digital business solutions. Reliability and security of the data center is the fundamental requirement for business success at any level. Loss of data and their unavailability create the disadvantageous environment for company's reputation and may lead to financial charges. Seeking protection from industrial disasters and natural cataclysms, some companies hide data centers to deep and abandoned mines and nuclear bunkers or place them deep within the mountains. There are also talks about orbital data centers. Still, all of these security measures cannot ensure the maximum comfort of maintaining the work of the data center. The main advantage of centers located in urban areas is the ability of client companies to send their engineers to Colocation rooms on a short notice. Of course, urban data centers also provide reliability, physical security, high-quality backup and disaster recovery measures. Server&Cloud is located right in the heart of Europe. Our data centers are situated in Zurich, Switzerland, the capital of the European financial business. Thanks to the convenient location, our clients can easily access data centers and the equipment placed there. We regularly increase our facilities for Colocation services. This type of hosting service is becoming more and more popular, especially now when business models in cloud platforms are developing so rapidly.