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Server & Cloud Partnered up with Supermicro

We partnered up with Supermicro at the beginning of 2018. Supermicro is a credible manufacturer of server equipment boasting an excellent reputation globally. The partnership was preceded by an increase in sales performance.

As of now, 100% of our dedicated hosting servers are based on the Supermicro chassis. Why?

Our experts believe that high-quality hosting should:

● be built on the best technical platforms available;
● offer a great variety of configurations and options;
● be affordable;
● provide excellent service.

We have been working with Supermicro platforms for years. That’s why we know that these conditions will be met. Of course, other large manufacturers can boast great options too, but Supermicro is on track to create its unique path that meets modern trends:

1. Reliability.
This is the priority for those looking to buy servers. Demand for greater reliability is growing each year.

2. Adaptability.
Supermicro is extremely flexible when designing powerful servers for various tasks. It is its main advantage over the other manufacturers. This is also an important characteristic which our IT engineers particularly appreciate as it allows them to design optimal configurations for cutting-edge tasks.

3. Cost.
Supermicro is brilliant in creating technical masterpieces while making them affordable for its clients.

All of these conditions empower us to create great products and hosting conditions. Server & Cloud hosting volumes are constantly growing. We thank our customers for signing up with our service. You help us provide better hosting through the partnership with leading manufacturers.

Published on: March 18, 2018
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