April 13, 2018
Server & Cloud is a platform for business in a safe IT environment
Server & Cloud is a serious player in the market of hosting providers. Our team has been creating conditions for convenient hosting for 7 years already, setting high requirements to its product. Along with the essential features of a high level hosting that we described earlier, the role of information protection at the legislative level and the role of the organization network perimeter protection are growing. 1. Information protection at the legislative level. Since we are located in Switzerland, all our clients are legally protected, and their data is accessible only to them and their authorized parties. The Swiss legislation: SR 235.1 The Federal law on data protection provides respect for the privacy of individual and corporate data. European Commission Decision 2000/518 / EC (Official Journal L 215/1 as of 25.8.2000) states that Swiss law ensures proper protection of personal data and the data transfer from EU Member States to Switzerland. Our datacenter meets the requirements of the FINMA Swiss financial regulator, is ISO 27001 certified and is tested in accordance with ISO 27018 and FINMA Circular 2008/7. ISO 27001 – Information Security Management ISO 27018 – Code of practice for the protection of personal information (PII) in public clouds, acting as processors PII FINMA Circular 2008/7 – Outsourcing banks 2. Network perimeter protection Almost every modern business company has a corporate network. The greatest amount of communications in companies is implemented through corporate IT networks. Protection of a company network perimeter from the leakage of confidential information, personal data of employees and DDoS attacks is a basic requirement to hosting services. In our hosting we have all conditions for intra-net interaction in corporate networks through security gateways via secure communication links, and also the installation of regulated protocols for “external communication”. At the same time, the company local network remains invisible to others. The security level is also increased due to VPN, gateway screening, monitoring and detection of IDS/IPS attacks. Server & Cloud provides its clients with an opportunity to reliably protect the company network perimeter and also provide support when selecting and installing optimal system configurations for your networks. 3. Advanced DDoS protection of servers We are constantly improving the level of protection against DDoS attacks of machines located in our data center. Today we can confidently say that our DDoS protection systems are among the best hosting providers in Europe. 4. Guaranteed integrity of colocation stacks Those clients who host their machines in our data center know that access to their machines is granted only to them. And this can be guaranteed not only by the contractual obligations of our collaboration with them, but also by the legislation of Switzerland. This is an undeniable advantage of Server & Cloud over other hosting providers. Server & Cloud is a great choice for individuals and companies of Europe, wishing to ensure compliance with EU data protection directives.