April 22, 2018
VPS hosting via reliable Server & Cloud platforms. 22% bonus available
Given that the VPS service has become more and more popular since the beginning of the year, we have dedicated more space for VPS to offer this service to a growing number of users. Get a 22% bonus when signing up for an extended VPS package. This is the best offer you can find in the European hosting market. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that allows users to use their own virtual dedicated server. Read more about how VPS works in the section "Virtual servers". With VPS hosting, you do not share server resources with other users but buy a part of the server. Buying a private server is a perfect option for intense projects but is quite expensive for simpler, less intense tasks. The VPS operating system complies with a private physical server including native IP addresses, root access, filter rules, ports and routing tables. There are no restrictions as to the number of sites, domains, databases, etc. We offer a variety of operating systems and you will be able to choose from any of them. The choice of the operating system installed on the server depends on the system requirements you need to run the website. Right now, the Linux platform is very popular. Your package already includes: ● protection against DDoS attacks up to 10 Gbit/s; ● DNS hosting; ● user-friendly VPS admin panel; ● round-the-clock support.