May 24, 2018
Technical upgrade for Magma S configuration
As one of our goals is to "Be ready to embrace technology of the future", we implement solutions that follow top trends in digital and cloud technology. As of now, we focus our efforts on developing configurations for highly intensive projects. As you may know, we have recently introduced new configurations of our dedicated Storage servers. Just like we anticipated, the new configurations enjoyed high demand. Our technical team has allocated additional capacity for this service. At the same time, we provide premium technical support for all of our services on a regular basis. This month, we updated configurations of dedicated Magma S servers with new Intel Xeon E3-1245V6 processors, thus creating a new Magma 2Se configuration. Processors for a new configuration include a number of enhanced features that make a dedicated server even more productive and reliable. Develop your projects with our forward-looking Server & Cloud services!