June 17, 2018
Rating of advantages of hosting Server & Cloud
In this article we decided to cover all the advantages of Server & Cloud, analyzing the user activity of our customers. 1. Data protection at the legislative level There are fewer and fewer modern companies that do not take care of reliable data protection. The fact that the data stored in Server & Cloud cloud systems is enshrined both legally by Swiss law, and physically by our unique network perimeter protection systems and protection against DDoS attacks is mandatory for 80% of our customers. 2. Location in Switzerland This requirement for hosting, as noted by our consultants after communicating with new customers, is important for 70% of our users. In particular, the location in the center of Europe is preferably for customers of Colocation service. 3. High reliability of the service - strong partners Since 2018, Server & Cloud is the official partner of Supermicro, RedHat, Solar Communications. Our technological systems operate on reliable platforms and solutions. The reliability of hosting is the most important criterion of choice for most companies building a business on cloud solutions. 4. A discount of 22% on annual subscription 60% of our regular customers use the bonus for advance subscription, reducing the costs of the company. The size of the Server & Cloud bonus easily competes with the discount programs of hosting companies in Europe. 5. The possibility of getting an additional discount (vouchers) A couple of times a year we provide additional discounts for our new and regular customers. This discount is summed up with the advance payment program, which is a very pleasant bonus. 6. Regular updating of new configurations in consumer market trends The team of IT engineers regularly works on the development of new configurations of dedicated servers and VPS, studying consumer demand and projected growth of business models of the near future. Server & Cloud understands that whoever owns advanced technologies, owns the market. 7. A wide range of payment systems and means Server & Cloud provides the opportunity to purchase our products with both classic and modern financial means. Analyzing which payment systems our customers use, we concluded that our wide range of payment systems is an advantage for 30% of our customers. The choice is yours!