August 10, 2018
IoT delivers promising opportunities for any business
According to Gartner, there will be another 20 billion networking devices in the world by 2020. Data centers take this trend into account and are looking for effective solutions to meet the growing demand for connectivity and new locations. Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Factory and Smart Homes are some of the most promising projects for commercial and social areas which also require intensive processing of large volumes of the data. The Internet of Things conquers every home. One can hardly be surprised with driverless transport and smart tech. Health care and sports industry can no longer function without wearable devices that diagnose and record the data, communicate with an expert, correct and educate. Without a doubt, the interaction of smart devices via networking is the foundation of business success in the near future. This applies to businesses of all sizes: from large industrial and infrastructure projects to small manufacturers and service companies. As the Internet of Things keeps getting better, the data centers will also evolve. The infrastructure of data centers requires expansion and reliable network to ensure efficient data processing and transfer. Server & Cloud is geared towards the future. We constantly update our resources and enhance them in response to the market requirements. Locate your equipment and data in our data center and get a safe and high-tech gateway to the business of the future.