August 3, 2018
The prospect for growth
In June 2018, Research in Action published the report detailing the major trends in the development of IT infrastructure. A total of 1,730 experts from European companies were interviewed including 120 Swiss ones. Research findings show that 47% of Swiss companies store the data in their own data centers or in private cloud storage. By 2020, the share of data storage in public cloud space will grow. At the same time, the demand for colocation services is expected to increase from 12% to 17%. Digitization changes businesses and prompts them to adapt their structure and management models to the new technologies. Server & Cloud provides colocation services for your equipment and guarantees reliable conditions. Also, our dedicated server hosting service is the optimal solution, with its reliable equipment and a wide range of configurations developed for any business. Server & Cloud delivers flexibility and reliable support for your business growth in the face of uncertainty and changing marketplace.