October 15, 2018
Reliable partners for your business
We have repeatedly reported that the team of our engineers is in a state of permanent work to improve our service and develop new products in demand. The current year for Server & Cloud began with the conclusion of partnership agreements with strong players in the market for the production of IT solutions Supermicro and RedHat. Supermicro is a reliable server hardware manufacturer with the largest confidence index in the world. Server & Cloud acquired industrial scale data storage solutions from RedHat and became its partner. RedHat is the largest software provider in the world. RedHat virtual environments successfully handle large amounts of data and scaling. RedHat provides all these advantages in an optimal price offer. Server & Cloud engineers are confident about their choice of partners to build high-quality and affordable hosting. During the year, Server & Cloud engineers presented new configurations of dedicated servers in the most popular Storage and Magma 2Se lines. Storage X and Storage Xe satisfy the requests of high-load projects that process large data arrays. The number of such business projects is growing every year. Magma 2Se is doing really well with game information resources. Game projects also show the highest growth rate. We have increased the volume of dedicated servers of these configurations due to their demand. You can get dedicated servers with a profit of up to 22% by purchasing an annual hosting. This is an excellent solution for serious business.