December 10, 2018
How to get the maximum result with the minimum input
Over the course of the last several years, we have been implementing the loyalty program for our regular customers who place their trust in our hosting products. This program lets our clients feel comfortable while enjoying maximum benefits from using our service and significantly lower expenses that come along with it. When purchasing our yearly service package, the user is not only relieved from worries about making timely payments for the entire duration of the year, he doesn’t have to go through any troubles related to solving technical issues, renting the operational space and maintaining the equipment as well as the staff of IT specialists. We undertake all possible risks. Moreover, Server & Cloud operates in full adherence to Swiss law by providing reliable protection of both personal and business data of our customers. Making the payment in advance will allow you to use the services of Service & Cloud on favorable terms, which include the 22% price reduction, while still being able to receive the full range of benefits. Our loyal customers will get this exact cooperation formula on the yearly basis. Many of them use this benefit of cost reduction to upgrade their equipment, improve the protection against DDoS attacks and obtain some additional services. This program will be extended through 2019. Opt for the maximum payment period to receive the largest benefits.