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The year 2018 in retrospective

The current year presented Server & Cloud with the abundance of partnership opportunities that allowed our company to significantly improve the capability to provide hosting services. Here is a brief overview of the company’s service policy for the past year:

1. The partnership with CoinGate allowed for an instant expansion of the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by Server & Cloud. Right now, the list contains more than 50 cryptocurrencies.
2. The official partnership with Supermicro and RedHad provided more opportunities for the development of high-capacity technological configurations of dedicated servers for modern highly-loaded business projects. Over the course of the current year, we have updated the Storage and Magma product lines by adding new Storage X, Storage Xe, Magma 2Se configurations which are now in high demand.
3. We amended the terms of the VPS services to make them more client-oriented. Now, we install the equipment at our own expense whilst the minimum hosting period has been reduced by half.
4. Over the last several years, Server & Cloud have been consistently offering the best terms of hosting services on the European market, thus allowing our loyal customers to save up to 22% (sometimes even more) on the services provided by our company.
5. In June, we decided to offer the additional 10% of free services to our customers. Therefore, the overall discount for the prolonged hosting period amounted to 32%.
6. The extraordinary heat waves during the summer of 2018, as well as the rapid increase of the number of companies, which realized the benefits of the equipment placement with our company (Colocation), led to the significant improvement in sales. We even had to increase the storage space, required to provide this service, on two occasions. The experts say that this winter may be quite unpredictable, though our data centers always feature the most optimal climate conditions.
7. The data center of our hosting service fully adheres to the contemporary trends and is also compatible with green technologies. We generate the power by using the alternative sources of energy.
8. We are constantly looking for better solutions related to our products, technologies, and services.

Published on: December 12, 2018
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