January 29, 2019
2019. Prolongation of promotional programs
In 2018, we offered a number of promo-programs, some of them being the best on the European hosting market. In 2019, we are ready to prolong the following programs: 1. Free installation of equipment after ordering Colocation service. It should be noted that the minimum contract period for this service is up to 6 months, while the minimum contract for 1U/2U tariff configuration lasts 1 month. 2. Flexible discount subject to prolonged payment. The discount may be 22%, depending on the chosen period of prolonged payment. Our customers mark this Server & Cloud advantage as a significant factor in hosting selection. 3. Additional 5–10% discount is given twice a year. The promotion is designed for new customers, but everyone can take part as well. At the same time, this promo may be summed up with the promotion of prolonged payment. This makes the discount offer (up to 32%) the most attractive on the European hosting market. These promo-programs will be prolonged along with introduction of new promos. Follow news, manage your budget, take part in our programs, develop your business with us!