March 23, 2019
The choice defines success
We have already written more than once about how seriously you should take the choice of the hosting company in order to realize your commercial needs. In today’s article, we will update our recommendations regarding this issue. The stability along with the security of your information resources depends on the quality of the selected hosting. The essential aspect which influences the business processes of your company is the convenience of settlements as well as loyalty programs. So, here are the major criteria which should be taken into account while choosing a hosting: 1. Uptime and DDoS protection. You shouldn’t consider the companies which provide the uptime level below 99,5%. The functioning of your systems must be maximum stable and uninterrupted. Hacker attacks are becoming more active, and the cybercrime is gaining momentum. Companies provide strong DDoS protection and regularly enhance it, which enables the work of your business without any losses. Server&Cloud provides 99.9 % uptime as well as a serious DDoS protection system. 2. The location of servers Some companies set their equipment in data centers which are located in different countries. If your portal has a regional affiliation, it is advisable to select the hosting which has the servers located in your country. If you don’t have such a possibility, then you should better choose at least European data centers. Switzerland is the best location. The servers of Server&Cloud are located in the first-class data center in Zurich, in the heart of Europe. In recent years, the service of Swiss hosting is actively applied by the companies in remote continents, for instance, the USA. 3. Legal security Nowadays, the security of personal and corporate data is not less relevant than the protection against hacker attacks. The security in this matter can be provided at the legislative level by data centers located in Switzerland, our company also belongs to them. 4. The duration of work on the market There are plenty of one-day hosting companies on the market which don’t have the appropriate working experience. It is advisable to choose companies that specialize in this industry at least a couple of years. During this period, the company gains certain experience in this industry and it is able to develop new services, enter the partnership with industry leaders, invest in the development service and the quality of services. Our company has been on the market since 2011, during this time we have gained sufficient experience, enlarged the space in the data center, and acquired regular customers; launched regular loyalty programs and every year creates new products which comply with the modern tendencies. 5. The cost of services The high-quality hosting won’t cost very cheap. Especially, it concerns the “dedicated server” service. Nevertheless, a good service offers the flexibility to handle the final cost of the services which depends on the selection of sufficient configuration and some additional services. And, of course, it is efficient to implement loyalty programs. Our list of services includes a wide range of configurations, additional services as well as the extended payment program, which gives a 22% profit. This is one of the major criteria that define the choice of our customers for many years. 6. The official partnership with the leading suppliers of IT systems The official partnership with the leaders of IT-systems industry benefits the company in arranging the conditions for the high-quality service and the development of ultramodern hosting services which are not yet provided by other companies. During the last two years, we entered into several partnership agreements with Supermicro and RedHad companies. 7. A wide range of payment methods to pay for hosting We advise choosing the companies which offer convenient payment methods for the different size businesses. We established the platform which accepts more than 50 types of currencies. You should make a conscious choice for the success of your business projects.