April 2, 2019
Flexible Cloud Solutions
Today’s world is becoming digital and mobile more than ever. We live in a situation of uncertainty, continuous choice and changes. Alongside steady and flexible giants, more and more small business projects appear in a digital environment, whose primary benefit is their hyper mobility. From technical and organizational point of view, such projects are built on the basis of cloud services, hich are well-adapted for execution of these tasks. Cloud Hosting from Server & Cloud – it’s a possibility to instantly create, manage and allocate resources on demand of your virtual servers operated under different operating systems, including Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. Hosting of your virtual machines in the Cloud is a modern, super reliable data location option with a possibility to manage performance in real time, when necessary. Advantages: 1. Fast setup Cloud recourses are provided instantly. Creation of a virtual server takes 5 minutes! 2. Fail-safety and backup capabilities No failures guaranteed. 3. Hybrid environment Own network infrastructure allows us to build private and virtualized solutions for our clients. 4. No excess expenses You pay only for what you use. 5. Easy Upgrade You can begin smaller and scale when needed. 6. Performance Equipped with Intel© Xeon© processors, 10 Gbps network connections and clustered storage area network (SAN), your cloud server is initially intended to be fantastically fast! 7. DDoS Protection 10 Gbps Free basic DDoS Protection up to 10 Gbps is activated for each virtual machine of your cloud. It is capable of withstanding all kinds of TCP and UDP attacks transparently and without affecting to legitimate traffic. 8. KVM over IP Instant access to Virtual Machines provides by means of KVM over IP (console). 9. Image Library Choose distribution of any OS: Windows, Linux or FreeBSD 10. Panel of control and servicing Each feature of your Cloud Infrastructure is under your control. Create, modify, delete or reinstall Virtual Servers in only several clicks. 11. Auto Recovery This system is designed to be recovered automatically and immediately after failure in one of Cloud physical component. 12. VMware Hypervisor 13. Customer support 24/7 Our customers can create their own unique configuration by means of the constructor, with help of our consultants, or without it. Build your business on Server & Cloud