April 4, 2019
Geography of our customer base
The location of our data center is one of the factors, which defines wide geography of our client base. We provide its short description in this article. Considering that we are placed in Switzerland, 35% of our clients are from European countries. These are mainly customers from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. And this is not surprising, since these countries dominate in the field of development of digital economy and business. Another 26% of clients of our hosting service are located in the USA. Network infrastructure of Server & Cloud is connected with leading IP-Transit providers. This allows for minimizing access time from Europe, Asia and America. For many years Switzerland has been a neutral region, minimally exposed to various financial and geopolitical perturbations. This fundamental stability coupled with a reliable infrastructure is a good reason for placing resources in our data center. However, considerable interest of users from the United States and Russia is due precisely to the security and confidentiality of data that is protected at the level of Swiss law. The share of buyers of Server & Cloud hosting from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan reaches up to 28%. The remaining 11% are allocated between the customers from Asia (Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Chile), Africa (Seychelles) and even New Zealand. We are ready to provide hosting services to users from any country of the world.