April 7, 2019
Hosting For Growing Business
Modern digital business is characterized by differences in size and structure of organization. There are small and large companies among the clients of Server & Cloud. And there are those, whose scale of activity has grown substantially over the years of cooperation with us. Regardless of your company’s size, our data center in Zurich offers flexible solutions to meet the growing demands of business in terms of space and processing capacity. For simple scaling of performance we offer additional options of service packages: · Network connection channel 10 Gbps (RJ-45 or FO) · Hardware-based load balancing and turnkey solutions with high availability · DDoS attack protection – basic (up to 10 Gbps) and advanced (up to 400 Gbps) · Hardware RAID for increasing server’s speed and reliability · High-availability backup Cloud Hosting, suitable for instant upgrade · SSD drives with incredible performance and high speed of I/O operations We update the lineup of configurations on a regular basis by implementing modern IT technologies, which allows us to concentrate on improvement of your systems and creates an opportunity for innovations. We expand Colocation space both for new clients, and for the growing businesses of our long-established customers. Growing business demands more guarantees for data security. Server & Cloud clients are protected by impenetrable Swiss laws. Our consultants are always ready to assist in scaling your resources.