May 17, 2019
DDoS Attacks - to Fear or Not to Fear?
For modern entrepreneurs who use IT technology in their business, the term “DDoS-attack” is frightening. We will try to understand whether cyber-attacks are so terrible, and what to do? We give the most common scenario of DDoS-attacks . As soon as the attacker remotely activates the attack mechanism, a significant number of infected computers simultaneously begin to send a large number of connection and data transfer requests to the side of the attacked web resource, causing overload of its processor or network interface. This leads to either a server hangup or an extremely large resource consumption. As a result, the attacked resource is not able to respond to requests and exchange data with legitimate users. Consequences: a decline in reputation among customers and the public, a huge bill from the hosting provider, account blocking. In addition to the main losses, there is a risk that it is impossible to obtain data from the attacked resource, which may cause another hit on business. In some cases, the hosting service of your resources can be immediately canceled due to the threat to the entire network of the provider. Unauthorized dissemination of personal data or loss of information from the attacked resource can lead to quite serious consequences, given the current situation in the world. It is not uncommon when DDoS attacks mask hacking attempts and are aimed at obtaining customer data. The whole situation looks threatening. However, we have analyzed the behavior of users of our resource and found out the following fact: 95% of users of VPS services and Cloud hosting do not have the need for additional scaling of the DDoS protection option. Dedicated free 10 Gbps from Server & Cloud is enough for reliable protection of user resources. And among users of the Dedicated Server service, 25% additionally increase protection against DDoS attacks in view of the heightened risks of large projects. This indicates a high level of Server & Cloud technical systems even on free DDoS-protection tariffs. In partnership with Solar Communications (Switzerland), a comprehensive technological solution was developed to detect and instantly respond to any type of DDoS attack with a guaranteed filtering effect and the resumption of the attacked resource. What level of protection is sufficient for your business is up to you, and we, in turn, guarantee our users: 1. Maintenance and operation of your resource will not stop, even if the attack is active 2. The intelligent defense mechanism will detect the change in the attack algorithms. 3. You will be presented with statistics on attacks on your resource. 4. Installing DDoS protection is safe and does not affect search engines. 5. 99.95% filtering and success in repelling DDoS attacks are guaranteed. 6. The legitimate users of your service will not be blocked by mistake. Not only users of our company's services can get serious high-level DDoS protection from Server & Cloud. You can purchase this service without changing the provider. We offer a variety of DDoS protection configurations. To make a decision, you may need to determine the intensity of the attacks, but if this is not possible, choose a higher level of protection or consult our support service.