June 3, 2019
Data protection
Did you know that there is World Backup Day? This day is celebrated on March 31st, just a day before April Fools’ Day. And it is not coincidence. This day is intended to emphasize the importance of data protection through backup. Annual surveys show how users are aware of cyber threats, data loss, and how consumer backup habits are changing. This year’s survey was conducted in 11 countries among individuals and enterprises. The following results were obtained: 1. 93% individuals and 97% enterprises care about data backing up at least once a year. 73% of these consumers do it more often (at least once a month), while 86% of enterprises do it even more often (some daily). 2. Only 7,3% respondents have never maintained their data in 2019, compared with 31,4% in 2018. 3. Only 10,3% private respondents and 27% of enterprises back up their data to a hybrid of local and cloud storage. 4. 29% enterprises reported about data loss, which led to downtime. Statistics show an increase in more careful handling of data. More and more enterprises not only back up data on their devices, but also transfer all IT solutions to remote reliable services in data centers. A reliable backup system is crucial for your IT business. Server&Cloud ensures automatic data backup; free backup storage is available for each client. Keep your data in safe hands.