June 29, 2019
How to Invest a 32% Discount?
This year, Server & Cloud team has been running the “10% Off Everything” special offer for an entire month. Earlier, we have already posted information on the options to increase your benefit to 32%, and minimize your hosting costs. A yearly profit of 32% is a bunch of money. One should understand how to use this money. If your company’s organization is mainly based on IT solutions, it may be reasonable to: 1. Scale within your existing hosting service If your business is growing, you might need additional traffic, IP addresses, equipment, as well as expending the number of your Colocation racks and increasing your VPS volume. 2. Switch to another configuration You may allocate 32% of the gained funds to update the configuration, which will meet the needs of a growing business making it more efficient. 3. Switch to a dedicated server Server & Cloud’s goal is to ensure that our clients are able to choose the server configuration, which is the most suitable for the required tasks. All server equipment configurations were developed for obtaining the maximum output while meeting the highest quality standards. Perhaps, your business is ready for a dedicated server with you as its only owner. Certain types of operating systems for dedicated servers don’t have a free status, hence, the funds may be used to purchase them. 4. Strengthen your DDoS protection Certain dedicated server configurations don’t provide for free DDoS protection as part of the service package. The funds may be put to good use by investing in security. Our experienced consultants will provide proper advice on the optimization of purchased Server & Cloud’s hosting services via online chat on our website.