September 4, 2019
Data Centres in Numbers
It is impossible to imagine modern world without data centres. The world is becoming more digitalised. The world’s need for storing and processing of digital data is increasing exponentially. A data centre is a specialized building (site) designated for storing server and communication equipment and connecting to the Internet channels. Data centres vary by volume and form of organisation, they can be corporate and commercial. Today, the number of hyperscale data centres with over 5,000 servers is increasing. Their number has already exceeded 430 centres. The number of data centres worldwide together with all other data centres and server rooms amounted to approximately 8.5 billion centres back in 2015. Currently, the number of data centres stopped increasing due to the trend on enhancing equipment efficiency and resource consolidation. Retrospectively, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) centre was a progenitor of the first data centre and was used by military industry for storing launch codes for nuclear weapons, calculations of paths of bomb, and weather forecast. The first commercial data centre has been used for booking American Airlines tickets since 1953. And the first corporate server rooms started to emerge in the 1980-s when the business started to massively digitalise their data. There is no place where data centres would not be built. The most protected data centre, which will hold even in case of nuclear attack, is located in the Netherlands in a military nuclear-proof bunker built during the Cold War. A data centre on a barge floating 30 km from San Francisco uses cold ocean water for server cooling system. Another data centre is placed on the ocean floor for natural cooling One more data centre placed on the World War II offshore platform, which is located in international waters, enjoyed the absence of copyright laws. We have already written about other places for data centres. The site has a crucial role in its operation. While some server rooms require high physical protection level, others have legal protection as its priority. Data centre of Server & Cloud hosting company is located in the heart of Europe under the Swiss jurisdiction and has a high data protection level. At the same time, our data centre ensures the best possible conditions for physical protection of the equipment. Data Centre Concept: Bus-structured class equipment, maximum measures to ensure data safety, 24/7 Proactive Support, full back-up, 99.9% Uptime guarantee