Try VPS with preinstalled applications
Don’t waste time installing and setting up the Apps you need. Try our new service of preinstalled applications on the basis of reliable and fast VPS. Our VPSs are secure virtual machines hosted on physical servers in the cloud.
Application library
We offer the most popular applications. Our application library is constantly updated.
Private VPN on the basis of VPS
Manage, create, and delete accounts with a single click
Private IP address
Fast speed
Low cost
Different protocol options
Security of your business
CMS App based on VPS
Host your site in Europe (Switzerland)
DDoS protection
Various CMS options
Low cost
10 Gbit/s Internet connection
High-performance server
No need to set up software. Buy VPS and use it.
All information is protected by Swiss privacy laws
A wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrency
Modern and reliable hardware
VPSs are protected from DDoS